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School History

Tumbarumba High School was officially opened on the 28th March 1968 by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Roden Cutler. The Library was opened in 1973 and the Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) was opened on the 16th of August 1985.

By the end of 1861, 178 National schools were in full operation. These included one at Tumut, Albury and Wagga Wagga. In early May of 1865 Mr. McCredie visited Tumbarumba to see what openings there were for a National school in the town. He reported that Tumbarumba was in bad need of a National school and left an application with the leading citizens. The application was completed on the 4th of May 1865 and returned to Mr. McCredie, revealing that the population was between 200 and 400 people, most of whom were miners.

There were about 50 prospective students and some steps had already been taken towards building the first school in Tumbarumba. There was a site that had been granted and 50 pounds, which had been raised by local contributions, for constructing a three-roomed classroom and teachers' residence, made of weatherboard with a shingled roof. This was the start of what was to be a long process in getting a school built in Tumbarumba.

Once suitable accommodation was provided, the council agreed to establish a school in Tumbarumba and in January 1868, a school room and teachers' residence had been completed. This was the first school at Tumbarumba and 100 years later the High School was built.

The decision to build a High School, separate from the Primary School, was made in 1968. This was due to the school's over populated classes and the fact that a lot of classes were taught in public libraries and in town churches.

The High School was designed by the Government Architect and cost $646,000 to build. The Metalwork, Art, Music and Home Science facilities were built in the first stage and are on the ground floor. A science laboratory, woodwork area, staff study, two classrooms and a utility room were on the next floor up. The last stages of the construction contained an administration area, a second laboratory, a science preparation room, another classroom and the first library. In 1973 a new library (the one we have at the moment) was built. The building was constructed by the Department of Public Works. The building is not joined to the main building and is designed to suit a school of about 600. It is able to seat approximately 100 students at one time.

The Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) was built in 1985. The MPC was built to benefit the community as well as the school, in a venue for sporting, cultural, entertainment and official functions. It contains a stage, a main hall area which is designed for basketball, netball, indoor hockey, volleyball and other such sports. There are storage areas and toilets. The MPC was officially opened on the 16th of August 1985.